Giant Willy Cookie Cutters

  • Description

These giant plastic willy cookie cutters are great fun.


Due to their size, they are great for cookie dough, pastry, icing, marzipan, sponge cake etc.


As they are so large, they can be difficult to get to grips with at first, but once you get the hang of them, you’ll be crafting up super sweet treats in no time!


The cutters feature both penis and testicle detail.


Large: 12.75” (32.5cm) in length, 5.25” (13.5cm) at the widest part


Medium: 9.25” (23.5cm) in length, 4.75” (12cm) at the widest part


Small: 6.5” (16.5cm) in length, 3.25” (8cm) at the widest part


Each cutter is 0.75” (2cm) deep


Packaging features a recipe for Ginger Nut biscuits!


Wash before use. Not suitable for use in the oven. Not dishwasher safe. Handwash only.


Not designed as a toy or for use by children.